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Our concept in 5 points

Ewedding.shop offers you one of the biggest international brands: Pronuptia®, but also Mademoiselle Amour® and Point Mariage®, three French designers, the cradle of fashion and romance.

We aim to expand our site and include other world famous brands. Ewedding.shop offers you very attractive prices at up to 50% less than boutique prices.

The further ahead you order, the better the price. If you order 5 months or more in advance, you will receive a reduction of 50%.

In order to guarantee you the best service, ewedding.shop gives you free delivery* as well as the option of paying over 4 months* (depending on when the order is made).

Soon you will be able complement these advantages; ewedding.shop will also allow you to try on our designer gowns in shops so you can be sure of your choice when you go to order on our website.

Other websites offer gowns at very attractive prices and time frames, these are often poor copies of branded dresses, which on delivery often only bring disappointment and desolation.

Your guarantee of designer dresses
All our brands are registered with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), so on ewedding.shop you can be absolutely certain that you are buying designer dresses. Our collections are created by the stylists of the brands which means you can be confident of wearing an original dress.
Learn about the history of our 3 French brands
PRONUPTIA® is the iconic brand, part of the tradition of French-style weddings and is constantly innovating with modern designs.

MADEMOISELLE AMOUR® is the modern and trendy brand for the young women of today.

POINT MARIAGE® is the leading brand in the French market, with attractive prices and a varied collection.
Since 1958, Pronuptia has celebrated the love of brides all over the world. Pronuptia and the wedding gown were born in Paris, the very heart of the capital of romance, of fashion and of course France itself. With more than 50 years of experience, dedicated to quality, elegance and innovation, Pronuptia, a renowned brand of French heritage, has become the "Trademark of Love".

As a "Trademark of Love", that universal feeling, Pronuptia wants to share its experience, refinement and advice with brides all over the world so that each one, for her unforgettable day, is at the centre of the universe of romanticism and of French fashion.

The new 2017 collection takes you to the heart of the Louvre, a mythical location, symbol of the beauty and elegance of Paris.
Love is what Pronuptia, "Trademark of Love" since 1958, wanted to give to its new line, Mademoiselle Amour.

With both Inherited Love and also fashion, Mademoiselle Amour aims to be a little more accessible to all.

With a very varied collection, it spans the breadth of whatever may take the young Damsel's fancy, who in her special hour will be romantic, a princess, a star, classic or even trendy; for her wedding day, she is sure to find her happiness here, that is certain.
Created 20 years ago, Point Mariage now occupies a leading position in the French market, with more than 500,000 wedding dresses sold.

Point Mariage also means "get married without breaking the bank", and from the beginning it has desired a beautiful dress for all brides. Its attractive prices and varied collection will seduce you and offer you the confidence of a great brand.

We advise you to select a maximum of 5 models to facilitate your choice.

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